2015 Carignane Secret Case Sale

10 cases remain!

This wine is for your Pinot Noir-loving friends and family. It's clear these trusted old vines don't have to show off to be delicious. Bright and fragrant notes of cranberry, red currant, and a touch of a cinnamon jump from the glass. The lighter-bodied mouthfeel bursts with notes of dried cranberry and fruit punch. Simple. Drinkable. Easy.

With its balanced flavor profile and low tannin structure, this wine becomes more of an ingredient to your dishes as opposed to a side note. It can stand up to bold meals like roasted pork shoulder or beef brisket as well as lighter ones such as butternut squash soup or pumpkin risotto. Expand on Carignane's natural spice flavorings (cumin, allspice, cinnamon, and clove) by adding them to your dish.

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