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2017 Cherryhouse Zinfandel – Lodi

In our tireless search for heritage vineyards, we could not walk away from the 50-year-old vines planted on this hidden gem in Lodi. With its fine, sandy soils, this vineyard is uniform and balanced creating a wine that is fruit-driven with a silky, rich texture. 

The vines are tended to by the Perlegos brothers whose labor of love has produced one of the healthiest vineyards in all of Lodi. Lush cover crops flourish between the vineyard rows as bees and butterflies float happily from bloom to bloom. It's an idyllic scene you'd expect to see in Napa. In Lodi, you're simply in awe.

The old vines on the Cherryhouse vineyard impart beautiful, concentrated aromatics into this lighter-bodied style Zinfandel. This wine is an explosion of fresh blackberry, blueberry, and dark cherry when it first meets the nose. Tertiary aromas of cocoa, potting soil, sandalwood, and understated baking spices add to the robust complexity of this old vine Zinfandel. 

Ideal for fruit-forward Zinfandel lovers, this is the perfect gateway Zinfandel for those who are interested in indulging in the beautiful complexity of this grape. Integrated tannins linger on the palate with an acidic backbone packing a punch on the palate with a beautiful combination of dark fruit and earth components.

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