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Hill of Thunder Six Pack

Online only. Limited time offer! Includes 3 bottles of each of the below vintages.

2017 Hill of Thunder: 50% Primitivo, 35% Zinfandel, and 15% Barbera into an alluring, bright, and juicy wine. Heavenly aromas of pomegranate, cherry, wet stone, and ripe red berries move to luscious flavors of bramble berries and rhubarb crisp.  The acidity from the Barbera makes this the perfect food pairing wine. Soft tannins and a juicy, round mouthfeel will leave you delighted sip after sip.

2018 Hill of Thunder: 63% Zinfandel, 25% Primitivo, and 12% Barbera makes for a smooth, elegant, and fruit-forward wine.  Aromas of bright red cherry and soft strawberry move on to flavors of fresh pomegranate, raspberry tart, and berry fruit salad. The Zinfandel brings structure to the blend along with a floral, slightly peppery component while the Primitivo adds raspberry notes with a touch of cinnamon spice. The Barbera finishes this blend with a touch of acidity that makes it a perfect complement to Italian dishes.

About the vineyard: On a sequestered and beautiful Amador County ranch, the Shake Ridge Vineyard is the result of decades of experience, serious passion, and good old-fashioned hard work. Once a prominent viticulturist for some of Napa's most renowned vineyards, Ann Kraemer turned to the mountains when it was time to plant her own. The 46-acre vineyard straddles a ridgeway up above 1,700 feet and is home to some of the finest grapes we've ever seen.

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