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2018 Hallowed Ground Case

Includes $1 shipping and 12 bottles of 2018 Hallowed Ground

Frediani. Bacigalupi. Evangelho. Vyborny. These families are the guardians of California's most hallowed heritage vineyards. For generations, these farmers have passed down a promise to protect and nurture these old vines against all odds. And for decades—sometimes centuries—these gnarly old souls have repaid them with intense, nuanced, and, frankly, magical fruit. Hallowed Ground is an amalgamation of our most sacred vineyard sites and a tribute to the unwavering commitment these families have made to preserve California's most extraordinary vineyards.

Blending 51% Zinfandel, 46% Petite Sirah, 2% Carignane, and 1% Viognier, this vintage elicits notes of black current, boysenberry, and blackberry on the nose with hints of coffee and cacao. Dark berry strudel and blueberry cobbler cover the palate with a medium-plus body. It's got us thinking ahead to the crisp fall air and holiday season. A wine to warm everyone's hearts.

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