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Our Story


Our Difference

We aren’t like most wineries.

Since 1992, we’ve scoured California in search of our state’s last heritage vineyards on a mission to offer flavors and stories unlike any remaining in the world.

By partnering with multigenerational, seasoned growers, we are able to capture the unique character and power of old vine fruit and craft wines with soul and purpose.

We make our home in the historic Winship-Smernes Building in downtown Napa Valley and invite you to visit our intimate winery to experience our truly remarkable stories, people and wines. 




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Our Growers

It doesn’t get said enough, but the most important part of winemaking is grape growing. Farming wine grapes is as much of an art as it is a trade. So we find the best. Farmers with well-worn hands and generations-worth of wisdom. Their vineyards are theirs—not some corporate holding—planted with gnarly, loyal, old vines and long-forgotten varieties. Through nearly inconceivable care, these vines manage to produce some of the most astounding grapes in the world. All of which makes our job pretty easy.


Helen and Charles Bacigalupi started farming their precious old vine grapes in Russian River Valley in 1956. When we got word that Helen might part with 5 tons of their Century Clone Zinfandel, we hopped in our truck and drove straight to her ranch to make sure it wasn't a dream.

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Black Sears

Perched 2,400 feet atop of Howell Mountain, this might be Napa Valley's only vineyard actually located in heaven. We kid, of course…but not really. The Black Sears vineyard maintains a cultish, legendary reputation amongst growers, winemakers and wine-drinkers.


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Not too far from Antioch's San Joaquin River, nestled between a 7-11 and PG&E plant, lies one of the world's most precious vineyards. The Evangelho Vineyard isn't just any old-vine vineyard, it's sacred ground, home to 140-year-old Carignane and Mataro.


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The Frediani family has been growing some of Calistoga’s best grapes for over 100 years—and Jim Frediani’s aptitude for growing? Well, he’s known as the Grape Whisperer. This iconic hometown site is smack-dab on the valley floor; a benefactor of Calistoga’s brutally hot days and chilly nights.

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Picture a half-acre of dried-up river bed, scattered with randomly-planted, barely-tamed grape vines. We're not exactly sure what all is in there, but it's always fun to guess. There's some Zin, some Petite Sirah, some old Carignane and probably Malvasia Nera. Though it may look like a messy rock jumble, in actuality, this is one of the best vineyards on the planet.

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Our Team

Jim Regusci - Owner

Jim Regusci


Bill Nanncarrow - Winemaker

Bill Nanncarrow