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T-Vine Grower Series

Vyborny, Frediani, Bacigalupi, Evangelho, Black Sears.
These are the names T-Vine was built upon.
These are the growers who tend to their heritage sites with meticulous eyes and knowledgeable hands.  
These are the vines that have a storied past and a rich history.
These are the wines that have become a part of our family.
These are the pillars of T-Vine.

2018 Vyborny Mixed Blacks - Bold and concentrated, the inky and ever-so vigorous profile of this wine exhibits forefront aromas of mixed berry pie, mocha, cigar box, and allspice. A heavy and robust mouthfeel expresses bold notes of clove, vanilla, black currant, and purple flowers.  

2018 Frediani Petite Sirah - Exemplifying a bouquet of licorice, black pepper, purple pansy flowers, and a hint of eucalyptus of the nose, this exceptional vintage has a very bold structure. Savor a velvety mouthfeel with flavors of mixed berry pie, black tea, and dark chocolate. 

2018 Frediani Zinfandel - On the nose, there is a burst of red berries consisting of pomegranate, cranberries, and savory plum sorbet. An opulent mouthfeel reveals bright red fruits with clove, vanilla, and cinnamon on the finish.

2018 Evangelho Red Blend - An homage to the tough old vines that continue to grow world-class fruit, this blend combines Carignane and Mataro into a wine that excites with a plum color and a nose of raspberry, forest floor, and lavender. The Carignane brings bright red fruits to the palate while the Mataro provides an earthy, European, old-world-style characteristic.

2018 Bacigalupi Zinfandel - You'll get notes of homemade preserves mixed with subtle hints of rich spices and delightful acidity balanced by intense fruit flavors. This wine, with its complex structure, could will age beautifully for several years to come.

2018 Black Sears Zinfandel - With baking spice and brambleberry pie on the nose, you will be brought right back to memories of your very first taste of Zinfandel.  Lush and juicy, enjoy a red fruit-forward mouthfeel, that coats the palate with lush flavors of ripe blackberry, raspberry, vanilla, and those savory baking spices like cinnamon and cardamom.

No further discounts apply. Includes 1 bottle of each wine listed above.

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