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Thankful for T-Vine Trio

In thanks to you, our supportive customers, we present this elegant set of wines to grace your holiday table. Each wine was chosen specifically for its ability to pair with the most popular Thanksgiving dishes.

Set includes one bottle of each:

2019 Mixed Whites, California White Wine
Pairing suggestion: Green Bean Casserole
This year, trade in the ever-so traditional Chardonnay and Riesling pairings for a Vermentino-dominate blend. Backed with 14% Chenin Blanc and 10% Verdelho, this wine expresses a fruit-forwardness with pronounced flavors of guava and lime peel. Rich mineral flavors on the palate make this a match made in heaven for the earthiness found in green bean casserole.

2018 Frediani Charbono, Calistoga
Pairing suggestion: Turkey & Cranberry Sauce
As a great alternative to lighter-bodied red wines, our Charbono expresses notes of candied berries, vanilla, and aromatic spices. The Charbono grape embodies a structure of low tannins and high acidity, making it a food-friendly wine for light meats such as chicken, fish, and you guessed it...turkey! At your Thanksgiving dinner, pair the 2018 T-Vine Charbono with turkey topped with a cranberry sauce to compliment the red berry-forwardness in the wine. Alternative pairings include candied yams or sweet glazed ham.

2017 Frediani Petite Sirah, Calistoga
Pairing suggestion: Potatoes Au Gratin
For guaranteed elegance, add this wine to your holiday lineup. Decanting is a must with this big, bold wine. Once opened, you'll find bold notes of blackberry, black currant, cinnamon, and cocoa. If you plan on enjoying an herbaceous turkey at dinner, this wine would pair well with the bird. Or picture this: scalloped potatoes with a decanted Petite Sirah. Similar to most bold red wines, Petite Sirah does not pair well with aged cheeses. However, mild cheeses like cheddar, manchego, and parmesan pair surprisingly well with Petite Sirah. Alternative pairing: roasted potatoes with bacon and brussels sprouts (the pairing adds an outstanding complexity to the dish).

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